Finding new music takes too long.

We’re an online community that allows you to find the hottest new music out there, while allowing up and coming musicians to focus less on promoting and more on their music. The best part? We’re completely free.

About Us

Stop wasting your time sifting through pages of search results to find new tracks. curates music for you based on what you already know and love, and serves it to you through our mobile platform. All while other music lovers are listening to your music the very same way.


What's all the fuss about?

Unique Artists

Personalised, automated and curated recommendations from our amazing independent musicians ensure that you always find something both unique, and memorable.


Truly connect with artists. We create a direct and personal link between you and your favourite musicians. Heck, maybe you'll even end up collaborating.


Stop promoting, and focus on creating. We help you launch your music and find an audience, just by listening to and supporting other musicians.


Remember how you used to take ages to find cool new music that you loved? Not anymore. knows what you like, and customises your queue for you.

Rewarding Artists

Truly make an impact to the musicians who need it the most. Tip, chat with and thank your favourite musicians, it's never been easier to make their day.

Unbiased recommends music to you based completely on our automated algorithm. It's truly the definition of an even playing field. No favourites.

Why us?

Urgh, another music app?

People have tried this before, but we're doing things differently. We've removed all the junk, the bloat, the ads and the promos, so you can focus on what matters. The music.

Coming Soon


No more searching through pages of results to find your new favourite track. Our AI powered system does it all for you.

Circular is a circular ecosystem. Supporting other artists and encouraging a collaborative space allows other artists to support you too.


Do more than just listen. React, talk, and tip your favourite artists, as you show them how awesome their music is!


Frequently Asked Questions

How are we different from other services out there?

Not only does get rid of the unnecessary hassle involved with searching for new music, but our circular ecosystem means that as long as you support the community, you can be supported too.

Why don't you pay your artists per stream?

We've seen time and again that payments per stream don't work if the music isn't being consumer at scale. We believe that our tipping mechanism will ensure that you bring in an equivalent, if not greater volume of funds via your music.

How does the circular ecosystem work? is based on the belief that we can build a supportive community of musicians. By listening to more up and coming music through your account, you can bump up your music on our recommendation engine as well.

How is going to find traction?

Hopefully, with the music community's support. Since launch, we've had an exceedingly positive reception, with our artist waitlist growing rapidly. Our hope is we can continue working with the community, in order to create an impactful product.